LexiCon™ Writers Convention

The LexiCon Book Awards

"This Conference has been just the right size and with the right people. It is fantastic. So many great folks attend."  Dr. David Ciambrone, Award winning, best selling author


July 2016 was the fifth and final year of the innovative, inspirational, and highly regarded LexiCon Writers Convention. In place of the conference I am having a yearly contest resulting in a prestigious book award - The LexiCon Award for Excellence.

There will actually be four awards given every year - Best Published Fiction, Best Published Non-Fiction, Best Unpublished Fiction Manuscript, Best Unpublished Non-Fiction Manuscript. There will not be any second place, third place, or Honorable Mentioned awards.

The contest is open to self-published, indie published, hybrid published, and small press published works, though the entries should not be identified in any way as such. All writers are welcome to enter whether it is their first manuscript or they have published mutiple times, either independently or traditionally.

Published entries will be judged on plot, style, character development (where applicable), syntax, and cover design. Manuscripts will be judged on all the above except cover design.

Published works entered into the contest must not have been published before July 2016.

The cost per entry is $50. One entry per writer only. Small press publishing companies may receive a small discount for mutiple author entries.

The winners of the prestigious LexiCon awards will receive numerous benefits including a cash prize; a LexiCon trophy; promotions by the LexiCon Writers Association; and exposure on a grand scale.

DEADLINE: All entries must be received by no later than July 1, 2017. Published works and manuscripts must be sent in their entirety.

This means all manuscripts must be completed and edited. Unedited or poorly edited entries, whether published or in manuscript form, will be rejected immediately and the entry fee will not be returned.

The LexiCon Awards for Excellence will be announced in February 2018.

Please fill out the Contact Us form to start the entry process. For additional information you may contact info@LexiConWritersConvention.com